Creative Ways to Gift Your Loved Ones

You finally found the perfect jewelry gift for that special someone. The gift that’s sure to elicit ooh's, ahh’s, and “that’s perfect!” But the work is not over. To give that extra step in making it perfect, you need to find a perfect way to present the perfect gift. Instead of just handing the jewelry box to that special someone or wrapping it and putting it under the tree with so many other gifts, get creative in your presentation. Try a new way to present the present, or make the presentation a show that ends with their excitement over your creative thoughtfulness. How do you make your jewelry gift stand out? We have a few creative and thoughtful ways to gift jewelry and make it a present opening they will always remember.

When you have a gift-giving occasion, such as Christmas, birthday, or anniversary; create the element of surprise. To help surprise and excite, change up the timing of the gift giving. If you normally exchange gifts with your spouse at your anniversary dinner, present them with their jewelry gift first thing in the morning. Set-up the gift near the coffee that is prepared for them. The surprise timing of gifting the present catches them off guard and makes the gift more exciting and memorable. Another option is to give jewelry the evening before a special event. They probably won’t be expecting the gift early, and they can wear the jewelry for the special celebration.

What better way to present a gift than inside another gift and who doesn’t like multiple gifts? Instead of just giving a piece of jewelry, buy another gift that can be incorporated into the gift-giving. The gift can be related or just make a good holder for the jewelry. Expecting that there’s nothing else and then they are surprised with the “real” gift. Also, you could use a stuffed animal to present the jewelry. if you are a younger couple or your significant other think stuffed animals are adorable; put the jewelry on the animal such as a necklace around its neck or earrings put in its ears as if the animal is wearing the jewelry. Tuck the jewelry box on the stuffed animal’s lap as part of the presentation.

A little creativity makes receiving jewelry just as memorable as the jewelry itself. Creative jewelry presentation ideas don’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be an arts and crafts expert. Find the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects their style and show them how much they mean to you by giving that gift in a creative and imaginative way that is sure to make them feel special.